Book Projects


Published 2015

This is a Dr. Seuss-style creation story, based on the Genesis 1 and 2 accounts.

When I was teaching, it amazed me how much kids loved Dr. Seuss stories, and how easily these stories stick in a person’s head (long into adulthood). Who can’t quote a bit of “Green Eggs and Ham?”

My goal became to try to make the Genesis creation account stick with a child as easily and enjoyably as “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Many years passed before I was able to publish this book, so a few other goals have been added.

I want to remove gender stereotyping.
(Adam and Eve are both smart and strong!)

I want to show how the days of the week actually match up to the creation story.
(Moses wrote and/or compiled the book of Genesis, so let’s actually call “day one” Sunday!)

I want to make Sabbath an appealing sounding day to a child.
(I don’t know too many children who are excited about resting all day!)

I also want to show God’s desire to be our friend.
(He got His hands dirty making us, and He wants to hangout with us!)

SO GOD SPOKE UP is the result of these goals and many years of work.

There is also a companion colouring book featuring many illustrations from the story book.

Reviews / Endorsements

“I have had the privilege of reading ‘So God Spoke Up.’ It is a book that every parent who believes in creation should use to teach their children. It is well written, provides childlike insights into the handiwork of God, and is rooted in the Bible.”

– Elder Daniel R. Jackson, President of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists

“I was very pleased to have the opportunity to read, “So God Spoke Up” to a group of 25 grade one students. During the reading, it was interesting that there was a physical and verbal response from the students to the pictures of God and to the Day 7 “playdate.” They gasped, laughed aloud, and pointed. Then, quieted themselves to hear the rest of the text. It was if they realized that God had a relationship (an enjoyable relationship) with Adam and Eve. I too felt enlightened and refreshed after reading Day 7. Wow. Thank you Father God for your great love towards your children.”

– Naomi Brecht, grade 1 teacher at Saskatoon Christian School


Published 2016

This book was done by Emily Allen (my daughter) when she was 7 years old. It takes its readers on an imaginative, rhyming trip through the alphabet!

Her inspiration to write it came from her involvement teaching the Beginner Class at church, and from reading a very poorly written and illustrated Noah’s ark alphabet book. She knew she could write a much better book… and she did!


Soon to be published…


This book is a result of a question my daughter asked me (years before our beloved pet dog died). My daughter was fearful of Heaven. That may sound strange, but any change was very scary to her at that time. When she asked me this question, “Will Koda be in Heaven?” I knew that the question was based in fear. I also knew that the answer I got as a child would not help her.

I thought carefully before answering her, and I said that the Bible doesn’t talk about pets, so there isn’t any verse that says yes or no. But there is one very awesome verse that says that no person can ever imagine how great and awesome Heaven will be. (1 Corinthians 2:9)

So I asked her if she imagined Koda in Heaven and she said yes! I said that I did too.

Two years later when Koda suddenly became very ill with cancer and died, I sat down and wrote… and cried. I have two goals with this book.

I want to help children deal with their grief over the death of a pet.

I also want to expand kids’ imagination, when it comes to Heaven. God cannot be put in a box! He can do much more then our puny minds can comprehend.

Preliminary illustration ideas: Image #1 | Image #2

Answers to a Christian Kid’s Questions About Satan

In process…

Much of a Christian’s life involves the fight between good and evil. We seem to be able to talk to children about God, but what about Satan? Are we scared to talk about him? Are we helping our children understand the cosmic battle between good and evil, or are we afraid that they’ll be frightened, or that they’re too young?

Children experience pain, sadness and hurt. Let’s arm them with truth from the Bible so that they can understand what’s happening around them, and so they can more fully trust God’s goodness!

This book will explore who Satan is, our relationship to Satan and God’s relationship to Satan. It was inspired by a question from my daughter. “Can God forgive Satan?”

Look for this question, and many more, in this question-and-answer-style book.

The Truth Revealed

In planning…

Was David a little boy, about 9 years old? Did his little slingshot throw a marble-sized rock at Goliath’s head? I’ll use the Bible, Bible scholars, and archeologists to provide some great answers!

This book’s inspiration comes from my husband, who loves to figure things out!