I love reading children’s books! I’ve rarely found grown-up books to be as much fun.

However, what drives me nuts is when a Christian children’s book is wrong.

I can read fairy tales, books based on kids’ TV shows, and other such silliness without aggravation. But when I read a Bible story where the author changes the facts, my brain immediately wants to melt out my ear. (I love creative license, but don’t change the few concrete facts the Bible actually gives you!)

You might think that wrong writing is a rare occurrence… but sadly no. I’ve bought and read dozens and dozens of Christian books to my child and many times I’ve been disappointed.

I’ve read things like:

God couldn’t hear Jonah’s prayer in the belly of the whale because Jonah had sinned…

Really?? God couldn’t hear Jonah’s prayer??
God can always hear our prayers no matter what we’ve done!!

Daniel interpreted the dream of King Darius and that’s why the princes were jealous of him…

Really?? King Darius had a prophetic dream??
Please check your history, because that was King Nebuchadnezzar!!

God loved Enoch more then anyone else, and that’s why He took Enoch to heaven…

Really?? Doesn’t God love everyone completely??
We are all equal in God’s eyes and there’s nothing you can do to be more loved by God then you already are!!

Due to my continuing disappointment in Christian children’s books, my ultimate goal is to write a set of Bible stories that are accurate and interesting to the children of today.

However, in the meantime, I have written several other Christian stories for kids.

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